WeCare Foundation in PNG

Why we did this project

The WeCare Foundation is a fledgling non-profit organisation dedicated to improve the lot of women & children at risk in communities (settlements) close to Port Moresby. It relies on donations, both financial and in kind to operate. Its ultimate aim is to train young women to be “carers” in their own settlements. The strength & focus of the WeCARe Foundation is in the initiation and support of community-based groups that reach out to help members within a local settlement. This approach empowers and develops life-skills in people who may feel helpless: and also allows a greater reach to the most vulnerable & marginalised people in the community. Within the care groups the focus is on educating and providing basic provisions for vulnerable young children and people living with a disability.

What we did

Four Members of the Rotary Club of Kidman Park were in BOMANA, PNG during July, 2013 working as Project Volunteers on an unrelated RAWCS, not far from the War Cemetery at the start of the Kokoda Track, met with the ladies of WeCare through Lasallean Brothers when they had some gifts to hand out to needy kids.

They were shocked and saddened by what they saw. Even allowing for the fact that they were in a 3rd world country nothing could prepare them for what they were to experience. They resolved to engage our Rotary family to change the lives of these marginalised people.

Once the support of the Club had been obtained, we asked the WeCARe Foundation to provide us with a “wish list” of needed items. This is reflected in the photos below, and extracts from WeCARe’s Facebook Page.

In addition contact was established with Rotary Club of Boroka who agreed to assist in whatever way they could.

Happy outcomes

The club provided a range of needed equipment and supplies including; Children’s library books, tents, incontinence pads, medical consumables, first aid kits, clothes and shoes, toys, 37 wheelchairs, 206 student chairs, plus many more articles.

The books (novels) for primary schools were given to schools who take in students from early childhood learning centers. From what we see and have heard, these schools need books for their libraries. Hence a couple of recipients of these books would be: New Erima Primary school, Morata Primary School and Boreboa Primary School. The other books/readers will go to WeCARe! Pre-schools.

Having selected many items from Rotary’s “Donation in Kind” warehouse in Edinburgh S.A and sourced further needed items from elsewhere, we loaded the container over a number or working bees involving a good cross section of Club members.

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