Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Why we did this project

The backpacks provided help to relieve some of the uncertainty children face when they are removed from their family, often in traumatic situations and without the opportunity to take any personal belongings along with them.

The aim is to provide a backpack full of useful items that these children, from newborn babies through to young adults, can call their own, providing reassurance and comfort from their changing worlds.

What we did

Since being founded, the not for profit organisation ‘ Backpacks 4 SA Kids’ has attempted to alleviate some of the immediate difficulties of children placed into emergency foster care in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. The organisation aims to provide emergency provisions – such as clothing, books, toys, dummies, nappies and toiletries – for children from vulnerable domestic situations, who are ultimately and more often than not suddenly, placed under emergency protection orders. Something as simple as having an item they can call their own can make a huge difference to these children, as evidenced by some of the feedback already received.

Regrettably demand for these far exceeds supply. It is envisaged that the injection that Club and Grant funds can supply will greatly assist in closing this gap.

Happy outcomes

This work was carried out by volunteers from Rotary Kidman Park and we received the following note of gratitude:

During the break we have been reorganising the warehouse at Golden Grove. Thank you to the members of Rotary Kidman Park who supplied new shelving systems and installed them for us so we can become more efficient when packing and sorting. Organisations like these are invaluable to the running of our charity at the lowest cost possible allowing us to spend all the donations we receive on the kids who need it most.

Thank You Rotary Kidman Park.

2015 is going to be an amazing year! (Rach)” 29 Jan 2015.

We also agreed to concentrate on assisting with the purchase of larger items – specifically some 240 pairs of children’s pyjamas and 760 backpacks!

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