Nasik Road Water & Sanitation Project

Why we did this project

The Rotary Club of Kidman Park provided financial assistance ($US 8,000) to support The Rotary Club of Box Hill Central Victoria, the We Can’t Wait Foundation, Operations Toilets Australia and the Rotary Club of Nasik Road in their ambitious project (a budget of US$ 96,000) to provide health and hygiene programs for schools in the Nasik rural area 160km NE of Mumbai India.

What we did

For this signature project, the 121 toilets are constructed of solid brick with sustainable sanitation connections. The 6 hand-wash stations have multiple taps to allow many students to use them after visiting the toilet and importantly before eating a midday meal.

The key element of this project is hygiene education and the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program is now well established. Students are taught to wash their hands after visiting the toilet and before eating. Importantly, local communities are encouraged to become involved. The final part of the project is for the individual schools to establish an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure that their toilets are kept in working order.

Happy outcomes

During a business trip to India, a chance encounter on a train led to two young men inviting Australian author Mark Balla (otherwise known as The Toilet Warrior) to visit one of the world’s largest slums called Dharavi, where one million people are crammed into around 1.6 sq. km. Every day, tens of millions of children in India, and throughout the developing world, go to school where there is nowhere to go to the toilet. When Mark first learned about this issue just a few years ago, barely a quarter of the schools in India had separate functional toilets for girls. Thanks to Rotary and others, including the Indian Government, the numbers have improved dramatically.

Local support and hands on activities with a proven track record will ensure success and sustainability for the many recipients, especially young girls wishing to complete their education.

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