Bower Cottages

Why we did this project

Bower Cottages runs the Bower Cottages “Nannas” Free Food Market – a volunteer run program that helps folk doing it tough. A commercial-grade glass-door refrigerator plus a freezer and a large soup kettle was needed for this local community centre.

What we did

Kidman Park Rotary and the volunteers at “Nanas” identified the need to replace ageing domestic type fridges & freezers and our members have raised the funds to support this community group to provide a valuable service.


Happy outcomes

The principal beneficiaries will be the 60 -100 recipients of free meals on a Wednesday evening at the Bower Cottages Community Centre. The “Nanas” provide  fresh and non- perishable quality food aiming to improve the health of the families, who are poor and perhaps sleeping rough, that participate in the program. They have the opportunity to stay around after a meal and build social connections with other locals. Food storage and safety are unlikely to be compromised with this new equipment.

The “Nanas” has attracted people to a location where other opportunities exist, including education programs and employment prospects. It is ideal for a men’s cooking class that provides soup for up to 100 needy people.

Long term outcomes could include a better and expanded service.  The volunteers are very appreciative as their work will be made a lot easier.

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