Anchor Packs for Homeless Youth

Why we did this project

The Chairperson, Mrs Rachael Zaltron, of Backpacks 4 SA Kids Inc. saw a need to supply basic packs to the many homeless youth that we have in and around Adelaide. She called these Anchor Packs. This was a new initiative. These emergency packs were geared to the needs of young people aged 12-25 years who are experiencing homelessness.

What we did

Rachel approached Rotary Kidman Park when it became evident that she had insufficient funding or sponsorship to complete the initial 1000 packs. Having worked previously with her & Backpacks 4 SA Kids, we had no hesitation in offering to secure a key component of the Anchor Packs – sleeping-bags. we supplied her with the 1000 needed to complete the packs.

In addition sixteen members, bolstered with friends & volunteers spent approximately 3 hours each helping to pack these Anchor Packs on 26th September. A total in excess of 50 clubhours were given to this aspect of the project.

Happy outcomes

This project was important as it filled an identified gap in service delivery for young people experiencing homelessness. This gap has been confirmed by agencies such as HYPA, Yarrow Place, Shelter SA, Twelve 25 Youth Centre and DECD’s team in Child Wellbeing Programme.

There is no readily available, compact and comprehensive resource which covers the immediate physical and information safety and survival needs for the homeless.

The Anchor packs were then distributed to Child wellbeing DECS Team (50 packs), Yarrow Place (150 packs) and to HYPA (800 packs).

A great result for these young people who are experiencing hardship!

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