Corporate Membership

How Does Corporate Membership Work?

Corporate membership aligns your corporate culture with fellowship and service to our community that helps us all to pay forward.

Business Networking

Provides a unique opportunity for you to develop positive relationship within the business community and those we serve.

Community Awareness

Provides an opportunity for you to link with other leaders in our community to bring about significant change.

Public Image

Provides an ideal opportunity for your business to enhance its public and corporate image within our larger community.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Corporate Membership?

Corporate Membership with Rotary, a globally recognised organisation with a focus on service, enables your business to contribute and benefit in a variety of ways. 

By involvement in national and international projects that align with your business culture, you are demonstrating your commitment to the service of others.

Through Business Networking opportunities you build strong relationships with like-minded professionals and organisations.

By taking action in the Rotary Seven Areas of Service your business is associated with a commitment to providing solutions to social, economic and humanitarian issues facing the world.

Our proud corporate members include

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